What's it like to receive a Happy Pak? Let's Un-Pak That

I know you’re curious. Why else would you have clicked on this blog post? But before I jump into answering this question, allow me to explain why I’m qualified to do so.

As the daughter of one of Happy Pak’s founders, I’ve been lucky enough to serve as guinea pig recipient of many previous lives of Happy Paks—before the gift boxes even bore that familiar moniker.

Halloween Happy Pak Relic

We found this gem when I moved home after my graduation this past May. My mom was embarrassed to see this fossil, but I think it belongs in a museum. Look at how far Happy Pak has come!

In fact, I might even be an expert on the topic. After all, my mom unofficially started the business when my older sister and I ventured from our home state of Indiana to the East Coast for college. We were lucky enough to receive these care packages at least twice a year—usually around midterms or finals season when we needed a little taste of home the most.

St. Patrick's Day        Luck of the Irish

Sometimes, the luck of the Irish is all you need to help get you through midterms.

But I digress. To answer the question central to this blog post, allow me to paint you a picture: 

You’re in the thick of finals week. You’ve already written one research paper and taken three exams. You’ve gotten seven collective hours of sleep in the last three days. You’re running exclusively on caffeine-induced jitters. You joke that all of your professors are conspiring against you, but part of your exhausted brain begins to believe it might actually be true. One last 10-page essay stands between you and your month-long holiday respite from the cruel rigors of academia. You genuinely don’t know if you have it in you. All hope seems lost, until…

...you see an email from your campus mailroom. You’ve received a package. But I didn’t order anything, you think.

You feel an extra skip in your step as you carry a large white box back to your dorm room, mildly hypnotized by the colorful “Your day just got a whole lot better!” sticker in your sleep deprived state.

Heck yeah it did!

You slice through the tape with a pair of scissors and carefully raise the box’s lid. You see a note: Surprise! Your family has sent you a Happy Pak to get you through final exam week.

Thank goodness.

A smile creeps onto your face for the first time all week.

You’re torn between a respectful wish to preserve the pretty packaging and a more snake-brained urge to rip into the goodies hiding beneath the cover of neatly folded tissue paper. Your animal instincts win out, and your eyes soon widen at the neat array of snacks and trinkets nested atop a fluffy pile of shred.

Little tags adorning each mini-gift shout funny motivational messages ("Slay the day!") at you.

As you can tell, my snake brain did some serious damage to the previously organized packaging. I forgot to even take a picture before I tore into it.

For a few moments, you’re able to forget about that 10-page paper hanging over your head and simply celebrate in the joy of caramel corn from Just Pop In, cake truffles from Vanilla Bean Bakery and an array of mindless entertainment including a slinky, silly putty, and a coloring book. Maybe it’s all of the sugar and caffeine coursing through your veins, but when you pull on your new Blue Q socks telling you to “Kick this day in its sunshiny a**,” you suddenly feel ready to conquer not just your finals, but the whole entire world! 

I understand that this particular story is geared towards college students, but the feeling of joy in Happy Pak recipients spans far beyond this demographic. Perhaps you’re having a difficult week at work or dealing with a chronic health condition. Perhaps you’re celebrating a job promotion, new baby, birthday, or holiday. Regardless of the reason for your receiving a Happy Pak, the gift is designed to be a small joy experienced universally.

Yes, it is a physical gift first and foremost, but beyond the pretty packaging and witty tags, it’s also a reminder that your loved ones are thinking about you, wishing you well, and going out of their way to brighten your day—even just a little bit. And what better feeling is there than the warmth we feel when we know we’re loved?

So, what’s it like to receive a Happy Pak? I could write about this topic forever, but at the end of the day, there’s really only one way for you to find out for yourself...


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