It's Better to Give than to Receive, Science Suggests: Let’s Un-Pak That

In the past few weeks, we’ve seen countless acts of selflessness on individual and corporate levels all over the world. There are so many ways for us to donate our time, energy, and resources to support our communities help those who are most vulnerable.

Did you know there’s a rich body of scientific evidence pointing to the mental, emotional, and physical benefits of this kind of generosity? Let's un-pak that!

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It feels good to do good. 

There's evidence to suggest that performing good deeds and random acts of kindness are good for your mental and physical health. As Stony Brook University professor Stephen G. Post reports, “Altruistic behavior casts a halo effect over people’s lives, giving them greater longevity, lower rates of heart disease, and better mental health."

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Dopamine, serotonin, and oxytocin: they make your brain happy! 

A 2006 study by researchers from the National Institutes of Health suggests that charitable behavior leads to a biological response called the “warm glow” effect. This warm glow is a rush of feel-good chemicals similar to the ones we feel when we receive gifts, ourselves. So whether we’re on the giving or the receiving end, gifting makes us happy and leads to feelings of gratitude.

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It’s a way to stay connected. 

Numerous studies have linked the importance of social connectedness to our physical and mental wellbeing. Especially during a time when sheltering in place and social distancing are necessary, finding creative ways to maintain our relationships is key, and generosity is a powerful way to do so.

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Superman once said, “There’s a superhero in all of us,” and people around the world are proving it every day. Schools adjusted almost overnight to implement e-learning for students. Crafters all over are sewing masks to donate to hospitals. Restaurants are not only offering curbside pickup for customers, but they're also providing meals to medical personnel. Grocery and discount stores have altered procedures to ensure social distancing and cleanliness, and their employees are feverishly restocking shelves. Additionally, parents are balancing childcare with remote work, and people are helping their vulnerable neighbors with groceries and other errands. All of you are heroes in your own right, and we recognize and appreciate you for all of your hard work. 

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Also incredibly deserving of celebration are the healthcare heroes on the front lines caring for gravely ill patients--doctors, nurses, EMTs, hospital cleaning crews, researchers, administrative staff members, and respiratory, physical, and occupational therapists. 

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As a salute to medical professionals and a small gesture to thank them for their big-hearted efforts, we’ve created the Superhero in Scrubs Pak. Chock-full of fun gifts and snacks, these paks are a way to say, “Thank you for your hard work,” and, “I’m thinking about you.” If you have a superhero in scrubs you want to celebrate, we want to help you do it!

package with superhero-themed snacks and gifts

Contents include: superlative socks (in both men’s and women’s sizes); funny notepad and syringe-shaped pen; gourmet popcorn; a superhero in scrubs cookie; and a stress ball.

Happy Pak will donate 10% of each sale to Direct Relief’s coronavirus efforts in the United States. This philanthropic organization equips doctors and nurses with life-saving medical resources to care for the world’s most vulnerable people.

Even from a safe and healthy distance, it’s important to give back to our communities and maintain our social connections. Given that life is challenging for many right now, everyone could benefit from a little generosity!

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