Five of Our Favorite Local Indy Brands: Let’s Un-Pak That

Happy Pak is a small, online business based in the Indianapolis area. As we're still in the initial building phase of our entrepreneurial life, it's important to create a network of like-minded local businesses with whom to network and create lifelong partnerships. That being said, here are just five of the many local businesses (in no particular order) who help us bring on the happy each and every day. Let's un-pak that!

  1. Just Pop In! (@justpopin)

This gourmet popcorn shop is a Happy Pak staple. According to JPI’s website, twins Mandy and Carly founded the company in 2003 with the mission to “Celebrate Happiness”—not unlike our mission at Happy Pak to “Bring on the happy!” They offer a wide variety of yummy popcorn flavors including Indy Style (caramel + cheddar), hot wing and ranch, and white chocolate peanut butter--just to name a few. If you’re looking for some delectable popped snacks, you can find JPI in Broad Ripple Village, the Indianapolis airport, or maybe even in a Happy Pak! We've included them in several collections including our New Baby paks and College paks.


  1. Vanilla Bean Bakery (@vanillabeanbakery)

If you love the cake truffles and custom chocolate-covered Oreos that often appear in our gift paks, you can thank our friends and founders of Vanilla Bean Bakery, Jim and Kristy Klinger. The Klingers opened Vanilla Bean in 2009, and we've been loyal customers ever since, even before Happy Pak's founding last year. Not one holiday party, wedding shower, or high school graduation open house has gone by without a table full of those tasty cake truffles. With so many treats to choose from, what more could you ask for in a bakery? We’ve partnered with Vanilla Bean on lots of occasions like Mother's Day and Halloween. 


      3. My Pretty Little Pretzel (@myprettylittlepretzel)

My Pretty Little Pretzel

Making sweet treats is a long-held family tradition for My Pretty Little Pretzel founder, Kate Wilson, according to the MPLP website. While her mom routinely baked 25 different kinds of Christmas cookies each holiday season, Kate became known for her delicious truffles and chocolate-covered pretzels in her own adult life. With the support of her family and friends, she transformed her homemade treats into the successful business that we know and love today! We met Kate at the Yelp Holiday Bazaar where she had a booth, and she’s been a good friend ever since. We've used her products in paks like the Petite Pamper and Wine and Dandy, as well as custom specialty paks. 


       4. Truffles & Creams (@trufflesandcreams) 

Truffles & Creams is a family-owned chocolate shop based in Zionsville. Renowned for their delicious and beautiful hand-made trufflesbarks, and bars among a wide variety of other treats, owners Natasha and Sergei Hovyadinova certainly value quality and hard work. Natasha learned the art of making chocolate from former Ganache Chocolatier owner Lisa Lueck, according to a Current Publishing article. Just one visit to their shop, and we knew we had to work with them! You can see some of their beautiful and decadent creations in our Valentine’s Day paks, among others.  


        5. Newfangled Confections (@newfangledconfections)


After hearing several Indy locals sing the praises of Newfangled Confections, we had to reach out! Candymaker Carrie Abbott established the confectionary in 2012 after "an experiment gone deliciously right," according to her website. Known for her Frittle, a tasty peanut-fudge-meets-brittle dessert, Carrie now sells a variety of Frittle flavors like toasted coconut and toasted sesame. The best part? Not only is Frittle delicous, but it's also gluten-free and vegan! What is this sorcery? Look for Frittle in our Custom and Father's Day paks. 

* * *

While we certainly welcome partnerships with a variety of companies all over the country, we especially enjoy working with local businesses because they've all been where we are right now: wanting to start something they're passionate about, and working hard to build it from the ground up. Our relationship with each of these Indy businesses, among all of the others that we'll mention in future blog posts like this, is just another example of Hoosiers helping Hoosiers!

* * *

What are some of your favorite local Indy businesses? Give them a shoutout in a comment below! Are they a part of this list, or are there others you'd like to celebrate? 

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